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Magic Cell Anti-Aging Treatment Korea

Stem cells therapy is an effective way to return to a more vital level of health: pretend you are twenty years younger.

Stem cell inhibits excessive immune rejection responses and enhances immunological competence against diseases by regulating immune functions. Such as-

  • Homing effect : Stem cell detects a damaged organ and substitutes for damaged cells.
  • Wound healing : Stem cell regenerates damaged tissues.
  • Blood supply : Stem generates new vessels and increase blood supply to the ischemic region.
  • Prevention of apoptosis : Stem inhibits cell death and enhances cell viability.
  • Regulation of surrounding environment : Stem cell secretes various substances useful for healing and


Range of the therapeutic application of stem cells therapy

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Magic Cell Anti-Aging Package of Stem cells therapy
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All the process is done at the stem cell specialized hospital and MCTT, Korea’s best stem cell institute.


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Baby face treatment by stem cells therapy

Miracle baby face treatment with stem cell will be performed by one of the best Korean stem cell research experts and surgeons. Baby face treatment is the most beloved therapy by customers among ‘Magic Cell Anti-Aging Program’


Treatment Procedure:

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Effects of treatment of stem cell therapy Korea

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Skin regeneration – PRP Therapy And Premium Laser Therapy

An effective treatment to improve elasticity, whitening, and brightening as well as minimizing pores and scar in skin. Customer-specific treatment by PRP therapy and premium laser therapy will be provided after consulting with Korean best dermatologist.
It is new therapy to regenerating skin, and recommended to those who have lower skin elasticity, dark skin tone, wrinkled, and those who look much older than their age.

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Premium Laser Therapy

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Stem Cell Banking
Autologous stem cells will keep in safe and stable condition in the facility of MCTT Bio, one of Korean company leading stem cell technology research and development more than 10 years.

Stem Cell Storage
Autologous stem cell from own fat will be prepared and stored in liquid nitrogen tank and can be used later. It is most safe stem cell therapy and custom-made treatment program. Ratio of stem cell in the body is decreasing and activity is also decreasing by age. It is why we recommend storing stem cells in younger age and condition.

After Stem Cell Storing
Stored stem cells can be used when needed, such as baby face plastic surgery and custommade cosmetics.

***Stem cell therapy Korea can be treated only after consulting with our doctors.


Stem-AR Concentrate

Beauty created with high-concentration stem cell culture solution (Miracle of youth)

The key to the secret of anti-aging:

  1. Stem-AR gives a rebirth to damaged and aged skin cells.
  2. The skin is born again by high-concentration culture solution extract obtained from autologous fat derived stem cells.
  3. Each ample contains the technological power and know-how of MCTT, research institute specialized in stem cells.
  4. True stem cell cosmetics start from Stem – AR

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