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Ultrasonic Hair Transplant Surgery Korea

What is Ultrasonic Wave Scan Hair Transplantation USHT ?

This is a new conceptual non incision hair transplant to maximize survival rate of transplanted hair in a way that correctly recognizes location of follicles and collects them safely minimizing damages.


Hair Root Transplantation

A distinctive method by Non incision Hair Transplant.

Ultrasonic Scan Hair Transplantation (USHT)_image 1


Non-incision Hair Transplantation

The core of non-incision hair transplant surgery is to collect hair without damaging of follicles. It’s because hair transplantation is not possible if follicles in collected hair are damaged. Until now, a medical staff has collected hair by predicting direction of grown-up hair with his or her skills. In this case, damage on follicles is reported to be around 17.30% according to a published data (Dermatology surgery 2008).


Ultrasonic wave scan hair transplantation

Ultrasonic hair transplant surgery which collects follicles safely without damage on them by recognizing locations of follicles is a new type of hair transplant surgery by lowering rate of damage on hair causing as little damage as possible.


Before and After Photos of hair transplant surgery:

Ultrasonic Scan Hair Transplantation (USHT)_Before & After Image 1

Ultrasonic Scan Hair Transplantation (USHT)_Before & After Image 2

Ultrasonic Scan Hair Transplantation (USHT)_Before & After Image 3

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