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Jaw Surgery – The Cosmetic Procedure that’s revolutionizing Korea

It’s not a secret for anyone that South Korea has the top-notch technology and best prepared cosmetic surgeons of all the world, and that the people there are not afraid of changing their appearance by going through plastic surgery.

And now, a relative new cosmetic procedure has appeared under the name Jaw Surgery, and it’s slowly but surely revolutioning Korea. If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.


What’s a Jaw Surgery and why it is so popular in Korea

In case you didn’t know a jaw surgery is the procedure through which a professional doctor “corrects” your jawline to make it both more symmetrical, and of course, aesthetically pleasing.

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, jaw surgeries are actually more invasive than others like liposuction, and can take up to six months to completely heal. However, results are honestly amazing.

This type of surgery is performed on people who have a very prominent upper or lower jaw, in the hopes to correct that, but it’s also perform on people whose jaws aren’t functionelly properly, so it’s both a cosmetic and a medical surgery, if you will.

But, why is this surgery so incredibly popular in South Korea lately? You may ask. Well, the answer is quite simple, honestly: It’s because it can help you get that perfect oval shape that’s considered so aesthetically pleasing.

Through the surgery, your bones are “shaped” and adjusted to be more soft looking and achieve that great jawline and bone structure that’s considered more attractive.

If you take a moment to look at pictures of before and afters of these kinds of surgeries you will exactly why it has become so widely popular all over Korea: Because the results are simply amazing.

Not only your face is more symmetrical, but your whole bone structure is different and all thanks to a cosmetic procedure that only last about two to three hours tops.

Like we said, it’s a really new and extremely effective cosmetic surgery, and the best place to get it done is, without a doubt, South Korea. Not only you have the very best doctors, but the very best equipment required for this type of procedure.

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