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Yeson Voice Center

Medical Field: Voice Disorders Treatment

Address: 638-13 Ssangbong bldg. 2FL Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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About Yeson Voice Clinic :

Yeson Voice Center is South Korea’s first and largest institution providing specialized care and surgery for voice. Yeson Voice Center is a systematic and professional voice care and Phonoplasty center for people who use the voice for professional purposes (vocalists, singers, voice actors, announcers, actors, etc.) and for people who are physically challenged by their voice. Yeson offers the utmost quality in equipments and treatment techniques to help patients regain clear voice. It has also adapted a program for voice art and voice care from the Jefferson Arts-Medicine Center of Thomas Jefferson University.

Services: Yeson Voice Center provides total care service for voice to help you having a beautiful voice. Clinic services are provided as follows: vocal fold paralysis clinic, dysphonia clinic, Phonoplasty clinic, transgender Phonoplasty clinic, the performing art medicine clinic, benign laryngeal disease clinic, and voice management program. Furthermore, voice rehabilitation program is provided for voice professional users.