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Is Plastic Surgery Covered by Insurance?

According to the 2014 plastic surgery statistics report published by business insider, over 1 million cosmetic surgical procedures was performed in year 2014 in South Korea only. That’s a lot of surgeries!

South Korea is the best destination for the plastic surgery for its best doctors and the affordable plastic surgery. Normally, plastic surgery cost is very high in the world because it is considered mostly for beauty purpose thus the insurance companies are very strict to cover it.

Cosmetic surgery can be exceptionally costly (average cost of cosmetic surgery), with the entire cost comprised of physician charges, surgical materials (like implants); operating room costs, anesthesia, and post-surgical instruments. One common question patients have when considering costs is whether their medical insurance plan will cover the procedure.


Best Plastic Surgery in Korea 1


Plastic surgery and insurance

Normally, every individual insurance company figures out what procedures they will or won’t cover. The most important terms are identified by insurance companies consider is whether the procedure is Plastic or cosmetic surgery in nature. To minimize the confusions numerous insurers utilize definitions given by the American medical association (AMA) are as follows:


  • Plastic surgery is the procedures performed to cure injury, birth deformities, virus, or infection. Reconstructive procedures concentrate on enhancing capacity or normalizing appearance of the patient.
  • Cosmetic Surgery is the procedures that are centered on enhancing the esthetic appearance of the face or body to enhance a patients’ appearance or confidence.


Numerous insurance companies, however, can translate the above definitions contrastingly relying upon the particular procedure and circumstance. For example, the circumcision of young men was all around covered by insurance companies 10 years back. Today, more insurance companies are declining coverage as they view circumcision as cosmetic.


Because of these differences it is important to contact your insurance supplier and talk about how your procedure will be grouped. While Plastic Surgeons (and their charging delegates) can direct you on the potential for insurance coverage it’s constantly best to go to the source. On the off chance that insurance will cover the procedure you need, you should plan a counsel with your plastic surgeon to assess your case and give a diagnosis and treatment arrange.

With that disclaimer aside, here are a few procedures that your insurance may cover:

Rhinoplasty Before and After nose



Some insurance suppliers will cover Septoplasty for patients who have a veered off septum that is disturbing them. Normally your surgeon can also complete a rhinoplasty procedure in the meantime as your Septoplasty. While these two procedures are charged independently (therapeutic insurance will just cover the Septoplasty partition), numerous patients acknowledge noteworthy reserve funds as bits of the surgeons expenses and working room costs are expected by the insurance company.


Breast reduction

Numerous insurers will cover Breast decrease the length of the patient has a since quite a while ago recorded history of back, neck, or shoulder torment that is not lessened after times of physical treatment. Be that as it may, numerous insurance companies require no less than a pound of tissue to be expelled from each Breast all together for the procedure to be covered. For men, gynecomastia surgery may likewise be covered yet it has an alternate arrangement of rules than Breast reduction for ladies.

Eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty procedures might be covered by your insurance if the sagging skin around the eyelids is bringing on vision related issues. Normally a field of vision test or different tests should be done to demonstrate a patient’s vision will enhance from the procedure.

Ear surgery

Otoplasty might be covered by your policy the length of the procedure is done to right ears twisted through ailment, damage, or birth.

To know more about procedures and surgeries that may covered with the insurance you may contact with the people are good with dealing it at Easta Medical Group (EASTAMEDICAL.COM)

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