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Alar Base Reduction Surgery in Korea

Alar Base Reduction Surgery In Korea

Alar base surgery also widely known as Alarplasty is one of the most frequently done surgeries not only in Korea, but also pretty much all around the world. Alarplasty, as the name suggests is a form of Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty alters the entire nose shape as a whole while on the other hand Alarplasty focuses on a specific part of the nose.


Proper Insight on Alarplasty

Alarplasty aims to alter the width of the nostrils, which in turn changes the width as well as shape of the lower tip and flare of the nose. In quite simple words, Alarplasty is a relatively small surgery where an insignificant amount of flesh is removed from each of the lower curves of the nose which attaches the nose itself to the cheeks. Reason behind the extraction being near the curves is minimal to no visible scarring.


Why should you choose Alarplasty and what makes you suitable?

Alarplasty being a less invasive procedure with several incision techniques makes it quite ideal for people who want less commitment and specific changes on their nose. Alarplasty is mainly suitable for individuals who feel that their nostrils appear to be flared and wish to adjust how broad their nose seems, making it appear narrower in shape.


Recovery period

Initially the nose will appear to be red and swollen, but these should slowly recede within 2 weeks at max. Stitches will be removed by the end of the first week. The entire recovery time consists of somewhere between 1 to 3 months.

As you can see, the entire recovery period of Alarplasty is relatively shorter than other facial surgeries.

Alarplasty is broadly portrayed to be a Gem in the cosmetic industry considering all of its significance and remarkable post surgery outcomes.

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